Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spread in the middle can be a good thing!

All the flowers are fused down to the background! I thought this part was going to be tedious but it turned out that it was actually enjoyable. I also expected the bouquet to look exactly (or very close to) the original layout. It's surprising how much it changed along the way. Flowers were picked up from the background in groups, the fusible backing was ironed on and then flowers were returned to background in a pleasing arrangement. Then they were ironed down as a group. One reason the arrangement changed a little is because I found that the flowers I hated in the beginning were not so disgusting anymore. They seemed to fit in better with lots of other flowers so they no longer needed to be completely or mostly hidden with other flowers. The result is that the arrangement is a little more spread out.

I also got rid of the longer, strappy leaves and added more football shaped leaves. The one element I really do like is the rose-type leaves in the upper left corner. I modeled these leaves after the roses in my garden and that corner needed a little something more so.....a rosebud.

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  1. This is've done a wonderful job!