Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Day for Offspring #2

I thought the color of this painted concrete car stop was so pretty and then I realized it matched my toes!
Offspring #2 exiting vehicle after road test. You probably can't tell but the ride-along test administrator has a huge tattoo across his neck that reads "CRYSTAL" I had to let my son ride alone in the car with this person!? He only had 2 points deducted for a rolling stop. I remember that I had the exact same penalty when I took my driving test.

Offspring #2 will be having wrist surgery next Thursday. He has a fractured scaifoid (small bone in wrist) that has not healed for 4 months and the surgeon will be removing some bone from his arm and transplanting that bone in between the broken bone in his wrist then the broken bone gets a screw to hold it in place. After 8 days of healing the stitches come out and a short-arm cast goes on for at least 8 weeks. So it looks like the senior pictures will be with a cast. We had been holding off on taking senior pictures until the first long-arm cast came off...but there is no way to avoid it now...


  1. Pippi: "Cute Toe!"
    Me: "To enlarge or not to enlarge ;)"
    Pucky: "Freedom!"


  2. Hey!!! I think I am figuring this out!! I LOVE the quilt!!! I am all by my lonesome this year so I will meet you at school one day. LOVE,LOVE you. Jodie