Monday, July 27, 2009


This is Malva "Mystic Merlin" in my garden. I planted it this spring and it is already blooming. Some flowers are a rose-violet and some are blue-violet. A "black" hollyhock..I love this dark, deep purple-crimson color.

About one month ago I put in a pond but haven't finished with the rocks around the edges. As soon as I filled it up with water I had dragonflies, smaller electric blue and this larger dragonfly with black on it's wings.

I reworked the background for my little bouquet and started making flowers. They take some work and practice. It is gonna take a while before I have enough to start playing with placement.

Close up of the fabric flowers. I think they are a little too round and need some trimming. But pretty happy with my first attempts. I would really like to have some other shapes of flowers, but not quite sure how...pondering my options.

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  1. You have been inspiring me for a long time ~ I cannot wait to see the inspiration that you bring to others!!!


    p.s. beautiful garden and gorgeous quilt ~ I love them both!