Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer sewing 2009

This is my ipod case. Cute huh? I only started playing with an ipod this week. My family has had mp3 players and ipods since they first came out. In fact, everyone BUT me is on their second or third ipod. Mine is a hand-me-down from Mark. I have even had it for about a month but haven't gotten around to loading it with MY music, or making this cute case for it. The main fabric is Jane Sassaman and the accent is Anna Maria Horner. It has a removable strap that closes with Velcro so I can wear it on my wrist when I don't have any pockets. Last night I downloaded some additional music and today I actually used it.

Below is part of a baby gift I made for a co-worker who is having a boy. There is an appliqued onsie, a quilted bib and a quilted burp cloth. The main fabric is Tiny Treasures by RJR Fabrics and I purchased it from EQuilter for less than $5 a yard. I love nostalgic-looking baby fabric. The back of the bib and the burp cloth is a soft blue flannel which I doubled and then machine-quilted through all 3 layers.

I took these pictures in the car on the way to the baby shower. Remember that I do not regularly take pictures of anything and I am trying hard to document more. I also made a beach ball type baby toy with a jingle bell inside but, in my hurry, forgot to take it to the shower. The ducky is just the gift bag covering up my car interior. Not pictured is adorable Osk-kosh denim overalls which are part of every baby boy shower gift I give.

And finally....Surgery day for offspring #2 (which will now be known as Pucky because offspring #2 is too hard to type) Surgery went "perfectly" according to our surgeon and Pucky is recovering with the help of some mighty strong narcotics...which means he won't be using that shiny, new DL for a few days anyway. Yes, I am gonna catch it for this picture! :)

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  1. Too cool and too sweet ~ as far as Pucky goes ~ just too funny :) Glad the surgery went so well!